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The intention of this part of the site is to enable me to share my researches into the Baker/Phillips/Creedy/Chick ancestries (and beyond) with other members of my extended family.

The people on the tree were largely located in mid Somerset (Bridgwater, North Petherton etc), but some branches extend as far afield as Devon! - perhaps even beyond.

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Summary Ancestry Charts

Click on links below to download chart files in rtf format (can be opened  and viewed in most word processors)

Old Family Photos

Various Historical Documents

Below are links to a various "historical" documents relating to a few ancestors on the tree.  They are also linked to in the individual ancestors' pages.

External Links

The following are links to the appropriate Genuki pages for the towns and villages where various ancestors lived.  These Genuki pages give basic info about each town/village from a Victorian Gazetter and also contain links for other souces of information - eg old maps and photos of the place.
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